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Ink Series
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Ink Embrace' Aunt Eater
  mr. ugly Bird head Freaked Blending Rabbi

Ink series

These ink paintings were created in New York, Hungary, and Vermont over a five year period.  The ink used is a type of watercolor called "Dr. Martin Synchromatic Transparent Ink".  I bought a great set on the streets of the East Village for five dollars back in the early 90’s. 
The kit would have cost $75 brand new.  Other inks used are black India ink, and Chinese inks.  I start with large brush strokes to lay down ideas and then use smaller brushes for more delicate lines and clarity of design.  

I prefer to work on a smaller canvas rather than larger because it affords a certain intimacy with the viewer.  Yet the larger work can create the feeling of being enveloped by the imagery.  The diversity of canvas size allows me to entertain new directions of exploration.  Like the constant flow of energy, so is my desire to create and express from within.

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