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Berlin, 2009
Through my eyes ...
20 years after the wall.

Berlin Wall
Berlin is so rich in culture and diversity, and such a visually enchanting city to visit.
Art is simply everywhere.
Just watch and follow what the Germans do, safest way to travel when you
do not speak the language
. Such things like where to punch your ticket on the bus, or
how to open the subway door when you need to exit at a station are vital!

Frank Gehry DZ Bank
Frank Gehry DZ Bank
Cold War
Cold War
listening towers

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Berliner Dome
Berliner Dome
Berlin subway
map of wall
Berlin Grafitti
Berlin from above
The last Berlin Wall
original wall

Berlin bottle stops
Das Cafe
Auschwitz plaques
"stumbling blocks"
Berlin art

Berlin Grafitti

art everywhere
Westin Grand
Berlin Wall
destruction and new


East Berlin

Contemporary church

street fair
crown view
good eats
art and me

Berlin art

the Berlin aquarium
Berlin Aquarium

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One scary adventure we took was hiking out to see the Listening Towers from the Cold War. Hidden on a mountaintop, surrounded by a million trees, three fences surrounded these towers overlooking Berlin. We did not sneak through the fence, even though a friend told us it was totally worth checking out the interiors of these towers where artists have taken over to create a friendlier environment. The whole area was hidden in overgrown vines with only two entrance ways cut into the fence, and a lot of fixed fence where people had tried to make ways in.

On the second day of our trip I photographed two armed policemen as we ran to the train. I forgot to turn off my flash, which alerted them and they quickly descended upon me. I knew to erase the photo in front of them and was grateful that was all that was necessary. After that I decided I would not do anything wrong anymore.

Berlin's aquarium did not let me down, it was indeed wonderful. Most amazing was a creature that was part shark, part stingray. It had a transparent nostril area. We were there during reptile feeding time and witnessed some escaped crickets. The anaconda was wild...

This city is magically rich in public art, it is everywhere you turn. Some amazing things, a church interior lit by blue faceted glass, we visited an extrodinary Bauhaus exhibit, and a wall full of sheep painted and made in fabric. It was a cultural journey rich in adventure and amazement.
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